Summery Scarves! (6)

A scarf in the summer you say? Why yes we do!

Whether you are traveling abroad, going on a cross country road trip (à la Thelma and Louise), or just making a quick jaunt downtown for drinks with friends our dreamy & relaxed scarves are a layering essential for Spring and Summer nights!

 Here are our favorite four summery scarfs from Pom Pom at Home…

Safari Scarf_Natural-Mauve_1000x1000
The Safari Scarf
Ribbon Scarf_Navy_1000x1000
Navy Blue Ribbon Scarf
Lightweight Frayed Scarf_Aqua_1000x1000
Aqua Lightweight Frayed Scarf
Vintage Floral_Rose
Vintage Rose Floral


So this summer jump into your red convertible with your bestie, your giant sunglasses, and your hair wrapped up in one of our gorgeous scarves!


Summery Scarves!

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